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Trying to get on with my college work, writing up my exhibition review on this image, V being super focused (actually doing the work) image

and all of a sudden….. BOOOOOM 


Jack is that you? D; 

My work is telling me to get my ass back on tumblr and forget about the real world. 

(art ~ The Starry Night, after Van Gogh by Jane Perkins)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why do you like Kris?
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Exo’s Showtime + text posts

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Some Guy Recreated a Bunch of Female Tinder Pics and They’re Glorious

I chose my favorites, but you can find the rest here

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overgrown baby and plushies

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“A Centaur in Disguise” by Michelle Tolo

This is the most precious Centaur art I’ve ever seen.

What really makes it is the fact that the dude and the horse are both going “something here ain’t right…”

And I could see any hard core horse riding enthusiast going “What are you doing!?  That’s not how you ride!”

I guess he’s trying to blend in and not be the

centaur of attention

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go sehun!

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I literally had to pause the movie and go outside

if anyone does this to any animal i will light your house ablaze

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